About Us

At Hoist & Torque we're passionate about cars and everything to do with them, just like we're sure you are too. Vancouver with it's rising costs of real estate means most of us lack the opportunity to work on our cars at home. That's why we created Hoist & Torque, to give people who otherwise would have no place to work on their cars somewhere to get wrenching. Hoist & Torque is the realization of an idea to create a space where working parents, students, hobbyists, and anyone would be able to have their own garage space.

Our Founder & CEO Gabriel de Vries, initially had the idea for Hoist & Torque when wanting to work on his first car at aged 17. "Having lived in a town house complex we simply weren't allowed to work on our cars, and I thought to myself, well there must be somewhere that I could?". While unfortunately at the time no such location did exist, it inspired him to push forward with the idea and create Hoist & Torque for the Metro-Vancouver car community and for anyone looking to save costs through a little elbow grease.


Hoist & Torque is a proud supporter of the local car community, and we aim to create a space that's inclusionary to people from all walks of life. We firmly believe one of the keys to creating a sustainable future is to promote and enable the everyday person to fix their own possession as a means to reduce waste.

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